CoffeeScript 功能加强

CoffeScript makes javascript fun, and the CoffeeScript’s source code write clearly and easy to extend, I add 2 string related features: Ruby symbol like string and long string.

CoffeeScript让javascript变得有趣,而且代码清晰,易用扩展,我在CoffeeScript的原基础上加入2个新字符串相关的语法。一个是类似Ruby Symbol的字串,一个是超长字串

1. Ruby Symbol like

CoffeeScript: :hello, :world

JavaScript:'hello', 'world');


What will be translated to for those code?
1. info:hello
{info: hello}

2. {:hello, :world}
ERROR! use {hello, world} instead

2. 正则表达示运算符

if :hello =~ /^\w+$/ :ok, \&


var __matches = null;
if (__matches = 'hello'.match(/^\w+$/))'ok', __matches[0]);

3. Links

My forked CoffeeScript GitHub Repo with those 2 features
Original CoffeeScript GitHub Repo


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